Meet Our Creators



Blake Jones

Blake is a Marine Corps Veteran, full-time Personal Trainer, & National Men's Physique Competitor who loves gaming just as much as fitness. It's just Dumbells & D-Pads for this guy! I welcome all to the channel but be warned the humor gets DARK and the rage gets LOUD. Join our Nutty Fam!


Sean Leifson

Sean is a dedicated content creator with over 11K followers on his Twitch channel. While he's naturally competitive - he enjoys playing & streaming a variety of different games. His positive community is always looking to grow - check him out today!


Kyle Sheehan

Skiidz is a Call of Duty streamer that loves to dabble his feet in a wide range of adventures. When he's not live capturing hot sniper clips and funny moments, you can find Skiidz in the broadcaster booth of your neighborhood Fortnite, Valorant and Warzone tournaments. In fact, he regularly hosts his own Warzone tournaments so be on the lookout for those!


 Skiidz recently graduated from Purdue University in West Lafayettte, IN back in May 2019 where he studied Unmanned Aerial Systems and Forensic Science. In between classes you could most likely find Skiidz on the sidelines as he was the mascot Purdue Pete for the university, so you know he's going to be charismatic on-camera... you don't want to miss the next great moment so you better head right on over to and drop a follow!



Jeff Fournier

Jeff is a former Call Of Duty competitor/coach turned content creator! While he is still nasty enough on the sticks to dominate GB's, tourneys, and Warzone - his stream is where he is at his best. Always down for a good time & big laughs - you want to be sure to drop him a follow!


Adam Miller

Adam is the founder & CEO of GonZo Gaming. While he enjoys playing Call Of Duty competitively he is far more comfortable hanging out on stream, doing podcasts, and keeping things casual with his audience. Check out his Twitch for weekly streams & his YouTube for Vlogs, highlights, and more!


Steven Mounts

Steven started playing games at a very young age & is a natural talent in a number of titles. He has earned thousands in Fortnite events, held World Records for the most solo kills in Apex Legends, and even set a World Record for the most rounds in Call Of Duty Zombies! He streams daily & has created a very welcoming and friendly community - be sure to check him out!