Meet Our Creators


Anthony Robinson

AROB is one of the first original members of GonZo Gaming. Initially joining for content creation & Fortnite - he now manages the PS4 Call Of Duty Roster while continuing to stream & create YouTube content of his own.


Sean Leifson

Sean is a dedicated content creator with over 11K followers on his Twitch channel. While he's naturally competitive - he enjoys playing & streaming a variety of different games. His positive community is always looking to grow - check him out today!


Kynner Miller

Kynner AKA "Kilo" is one of our younger content creators. He primarily enjoys hitting clips with a sniper rifle - in Fortnite & Call Of Duty, but he also enjoys RAGING when a game goes bad. He also uploads his highlights and in-game challenge videos to YouTube. Check him out!


Colin Murray

Pickle joined us as a console streamer on Fortnite and has since branched out into competitive platform tournaments. He often streams his competitive gameplay as well as more casual creative games like Boxfighting & Zone Wars.


Adam Miller

Adam is the founder & CEO of GonZo Gaming. While he enjoys playing Call Of Duty competitively he is far more comfortable hanging out on stream, doing podcasts, and keeping things casual with his audience. Check out his Twitch for weekly streams & his YouTube for Vlogs, highlights, and more!


Gunnar Okeson

Gunnar joined GonZo Gaming fresh out of college as a Fortnite Content Creator, but has now branched out into additional games like World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, and more. While Fortnite remains his focus competitively - he is always looking for something fresh to play. Check him out on Twitch & Instagram!

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