September #GonZoRC

As promised - this month we are announcing our latest & greatest #GonZoRC. This September our recruitment challenge is going to be focused on finding more established players & creators. Those who have consistent uploads, a social following, and who are active in the community.

What we are looking for:

Consistent Clips & Uploads (Min. 4/month)

Active Social Media (100+ Followers) Community Engagement (Likes, Comments, etc.)

Growth Mindset & Professionalism (Improvement)

Authentic & Unique Personalities (Own Your Brand)

While these are standard things to look for in solid recruits we are definitely biased towards those already in our community - if you're active in the discord, engaging with our players and creators, and consistently looking to improve your craft then you have a spot here.

As a new organization we require our members to wear different hats, take on new challenges, and push themselves regularly. If you are not invested in your teammates, managers, and community you will not be a fit in our culture.

There is no specific game we are recruiting for at this time, but we have several openings on competitive rosters for the following:

Fortnite - PC

Call of Duty - PS4 Call of Duty - Xbox One

Rocket League - Xbox One

We will be keeping a close eye out for your clips, submissions, uploads, and everything in between! Show us what you're capable of - in-game, online, and off. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns at or on any of our socials!

Time to Go GonZo.

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