Top 5 Ways To Improve Controller Aim

If you play on controller you already know the pain. Your ability to maneuver and aim is limited to the movement of a joystick, whereas players on PC have the full range of motion that is provided by a mouse. In order to compensate for this more nuanced movement many games incorporate an 'aim assist' feature that will help lock your reticle onto an enemy when it approximates you're close enough to being on target. Recently this has sparked a number of discussions in the Fortnite competitive community due to the cross-platform competition and the tendency of controller-based professionals to constantly go in and out of their ADS to better lock onto players at range or while they are moving. Despite how you feel about aim assist in games - it's certainly not a factor in EVERY game (and it can be disabled in most of the games that have it). We put together a list of some of the ways you can improve your accuracy on controller! 1. Practice, Practice, Practice! "Wow - what a novel idea!" Ok hear us out on this. Running around shooting at people is NOT practice. The key to practice is breaking bad habits and practicing good ones. Improving reaction time, first shot accuracy, and firing while rotating or swapping weapons are great places to start. Most games offer a practice mode, firing range, or at the very least private matches that can afford you the opportunity to work on improving your aim. If you're playing Fortnite, check out this Controller Aim Course by user TEADOH. If you're playing Call Of Duty - hit up the firing range to test the bloom, first shot accuracy, and how it feels to strafe shot. The biggest thing is to look out for the mistakes you make in the toughest gun fights. Test yourself in clutch situations and practice different peeks & firing lanes you know will come up in gameplay. 2. Minimize Input Lag & Response Times

One of the easiest & ways to improve your aim is to upgrade some hardware. We're not talking about making the switch to PC (just yet) - we're talking about minimizing any controller lag & framerates. Switching from a TV to a monitor is a cheap(er) way to improve your performance. Now - since console is capped at 60 FPS we can settle on a monitor with 75 Hz refresh rates. The bigger thing to look for in a console monitor is response times ~1ms. If you're looking for a budget saver, check out this Sceptre 27' Curved Gaming Monitor. It checks the boxes, but it's response time comes in around ~5ms - so not the best. Just be sure to double check the factory settings to make sure the refresh rate is clocking in at 75 Hz! If you want a premium monitor with no response lag and the best response rates - Sceptre has a beefier version of the same monitor for a mild price increase. When it comes to investing in your gaming, what's another $30? Another great way to improve response time for your controller is to toss the battery pack & get plugged in. We're big fans of this monster 12 foot USB cable from Kontrol Freek for both Playstation & Xbox One controller's. Hard wiring your controller means no relying on wifi signals to relay your movements. Plus - no more running out of juice mid-shootout.

3. Upgrade Your Controller

As we were saying above - wiring in your controller can reduce the response time between your motions and the game display. There are obvious advantages to that, but if you're serious about your game you need a controller that offers a bit more competitive edge. When Xbox One was first released there was little faith in the Xbox Elite Controller. The high price tag and limited perceived value of using paddles and interchangeable joysticks didn't have many gamer's rushing to the store. Fast forward and those same features are crucial to leveling the playing field for controller players. We primarily use the Xbox Elite Controller for both console and PC gaming as we've found Microsoft to be more compatible across both platforms. However - we can't discuss upgraded controllers without mentioning the good folks at Scuf Gaming. Scuf lives and breathes controller gaming. They carry a line for both Playstation & Xbox and have similar configuration options at the Elite does. Read up on reviews and find what works best for you. 4. Get Some Grips

When you get locked in on an intense game and start getting sweaty it's easy to start to lose your grip. We've found that adding grips for your sticks can go along way. They not only improve your accuracy in those clutch moments - but they also add some awesome flair to your controller. We always recommend you pickup a pair of pro grips from our friends at Fade Grips. If you're looking for more stylistic grips - check out their candy line. Be sure to use 'GonZo' at checkout for 20% off your entire order! 5. Stop The Sweat

We don't mean to say stop playing sweaty, but we all know how awful it is to miss a crucial shot with sweaty hands. Before you get your games started try applying some Gamer Grip to your hands. Formulated for sports of all kinds - from rugby to golf to esports. It will keep your hands sweat free for at least 4 hours. Which is more than enough time to get that big tournament win. If you liked these tips to improve your controller aim - be sure to subscribe to our newsletter! We will keep you posted on all the latest tips, tricks and news from the gaming world. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube & follow our socials for more!

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