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You're probably already curious - what exactly is GonZo Gaming? Well to begin to understand it we need to first understand what Gonzo means in this context. The term 'Gonzo' was coined by the late, great, author Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. Dr. Thompson had a tendency to involve his own perspective and opinion into any story he wrote - when you added in his liberal use of drugs and alcohol his stories took on quite the narratives. His overzealous nature and wildly charismatic and outspoken style also associated Gonzo with the over-the-top. Thus we believe that most content today is based in Gonzo - from YouTube to Twitter to Twitch. It's all based on the perspective of the author and that diversity is what makes each personality shine. We're all about capturing the authenticity of gaming & entertainment at all levels and seeing it flourish. As gaming & live streaming become more dominant in mainstream culture we think it's important to provide insights, opinions, and guidance through growth. While we'll primarily be covering content in our blog, stay tuned for video & audio releases as well. We're excited for the future and hope to become a trusted source of information from this fast growing industry. Be sure to subscribe to the website to know when new content, giveaways, and competitions drop.

Welcome to GonZo.

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