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The Light Through the Virus

In the past couple of months, the world has been dealing with the spreading, worrisome Coronavirus. In the past weeks, we’ve all been worrying about getting our Valorant Beta codes. On April 7th, 2020 Riot Games, known for titles such as League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics, released a new one within closed Beta called Valorant.

The game has taken the world by storm - leading to 1 million concurrent players on Steam, which is higher than the next 4 top games combined; and being the #1 streamed game on Twitch with over 1.6M viewers. What makes this more awe-inspiring is that the game is not buyable. The only way to play the game is by getting Twitch drops from watching the game be played.

Now, more about the game, it is set up in a CS:GO format with the hero pool and specials of Overwatch. Combining two of the biggest game titles out that were also founded upon competitive principles. The game is 5v5 where players could potentially play up to 24 rounds, swapping sides of defense and offense in a Search and Destroy esqe game mode. There are 10 heroes to choose from, each with their own abilities to change the course of the game. The players consist of Phoenix, Jett, Viper, Sova, Cypher, Brimstone, Sage, Omen, Breach, and Raze. They all come with 3 abilities and one ultimate ability that can be game-changing. This game is a ruckus. There are airstrike abilities, projectile smokes, revives for fallen teammates, bombs through walls, and more. The game has finetuned every aspect of what many hardcore gamers have been craving for. As of where it stands competitively so far, it is community-based and relies on the players, organizations, and other event organizers to start the competitive scene. With how successful the Counter-Strike competition has been over the years, there is no doubt that we should see Valorant shift to a competitive focus in the near future. To break down the characters further and more simply, there are certain hero focuses.

An assault hero like Phoenix for entry, support such as Sova or Viper to aid a character like Phoenix or Jett, Brimstone and Cypher for scouting, and lastly Sage; the medic. Now taking a deeper in-depth look at the weapons installed in the game. There are 16 total guns in the games spread from rifles to pistols, to SMGs and snipers. Don’t forget the powerful shotguns. Guns are buyable depending on the credits that you have. Credits are this game's virtual currency. The Bulldog is the most used gun in the game and arguably the best based on stats. Others prefer the SMG Spectre, Sniper, or the revolver pistol. There are such abilities that make people teleport, go back to a previous location, or even be invisible. Tacticals are extremely crucial in this game as it sets the pace of pushes to the bomb sites and cover exposed crosses. Then there are smoke storms and ice walls to block off pushes and doorways.

As of right now there are 3 maps in the game; Haven, Bind, and Split. Haven is made up of Japanese structured buildings with gardens and long walkways. Bind is a bit smaller of a map with shorter walk spaces. Gunfights come down to close-quarter engagements. Lastly Split is the biggest map of the three, which is almost exactly identically on each side. All these maps are similar in having long lines of sight and many small “cubby rooms” to get through to the bomb sites.

In one day Valorant amassed 34 million hours watched and the top concurrent viewership of 1.7 million. With the quick rising to fame game being hot on everyone's radar, do not expect it to be one of those games that sits in Beta forever. There already have been hundreds of thousands of YouTube videos made to coincide with all the people streaming it. You know the game is destined for greatness when Ninja and Myth are playing multiple hours a day, with high praise for what the developers have done. Riot Games listened to complaining about multiple other game titles and created a masterpiece of art that is only expected to keep breaking records as time progresses.

Article written by: Niko "Paraylxsis" Thibeault (@Paraylxsis on Twitter) Niko is a competitive CoD player, Twitch Affiliate, blogger, and a Freshman at Concord University, WV.

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